throughout the years

Letters from CosmoPop® fans

I cannot imagine this world without you, and I see you as strong, a very strong man, because for 72 yrs of age you have the life force like a 29 year old powerful warrior, not to mention your foundational "Peter the Rock " knowledge and Wisdom. And not to mention your very loving and kind coaching to each one of us, that can sometimes come with a voice that shakes the nonsense out of us ....!!!

Your music is real, its about real life's situations, and you show the listener, how to never let go of God during any difficult time. To me your music is the "Manna from heaven." You take us to the depths of facing real pain, to the heights of the mysticism of God, to getting Country on the Planet Mars, and back down to Earth with lines like "Woke Up this morning feeling like Norman" and "Grandma Cotrell's just a snoozing..."

And you always give a great amount of honor in recognizing activists that have put themselves on the line to serve their people, like Ken Saro Wiwa or in the "Planetary Brother Sister song", when you show honor and recognition to the many leaders of great movements that have encouraged their people to "Rise Up".

You have risen each one of us out of the ashes ... over and over.

I owe it to you, to become spiritually professional for this Music Ministry.

Love Willowela

Now, about TaliasVan's music: I've always said that I find so much of today's music bland, superficial, or simply a rehashing of stuff that's been done before. One can often hear the 'influences' behind much contemporary music - the continuation and regurgitation of ideas already established. Increasingly rare to hear true ORIGINALITY.

I think one of the greatest challenges for an artist is finding the way to tap into the Great Source of inspiration and produce something Unique; not simply drawing upon what one has heard previously from others, and it's apparent to me that TaliasVan has done just that.

While small comparisons could be made (to other artists) from certain passages, the performance in its entirety makes clear that TaliasVan is charting his own course; it's such an unusual mix of different styles and genres that I would be at a total loss to try to describe it to someone. The girl's hauntingly beautiful backup vocals are the most obvious thing to me which sets this music apart from anything I've ever heard But then of course, it doesn't hurt to have the POWERHOUSE rhythm team of Kazarian and Asai.

The three horn guys are nothing short of AMAZING - very highly skilled and multitalented players; such gorgeous soloing! I was especially impressed by them, and told them so!

TiyiEndea's contribution to the music is no less significant than any of the others: her percussion is really 'the icing on the cake' of the rhythm section. I guess it's just because her role is more of a supportive one, and she blends into the rhythm while the others solo and take turns in the spotlight, that it's easier for one to overlook her part while scanning the memory for the most notable and impressive moments of the show. I am a percussionist myself, so I know whereof I speak.

Of course, none of this incredible talent could come together the way it does without TaliasVan's most unusual approach to songwriting. I don't know how he does it but it works for me!

That bagpipe composition was absolutely MIND-BLOWING! How does one possibly describe THAT?! I also loved TaliasVan's song "It's Always You" that Van's Guard recorded. There were others too, but I don't know the titles.

All in all, a wonderful night I'm so grateful to have experienced. There is NO OTHER BAND which sounds quite like this one!

John Peterson
Tucson, Arizona
TaliasVan's music is a totally new experience for me. I really feel that the depths of his soul are revealed in it. Thank You, TaliasVan for the real thing!

Christchurch, New Zealand
Ellen posted this comment on YouTube after viewing the video of Sedona Sunrise:

"beautiful song...i have never heard such beautiful words in my life..awesome ..compelling...yet fulfilling. thank you for you!"

Ellen Wish
Los Angeles, California
To TaliasVan:

I am a music critic for a small hometown paper. I was looking through some CD's and cassette tapes people have sent in when I came across a religious music tape of yours someone had sent me. I was taken aback. Such sweet sounds, so original. I am not a fan of religious music, but your songs touched me in a way I cannot explain. I wish to hear more than just a store bought blank tape dubbed with your music. I would like to be able to hear a original recording. I am not a spiritual person, sir, but I am moved by music, and it was as close to a religious experience as I care to get; it was beautiful. You are very talented and have a true gift. I would like to purchase more of your music, SO PLEASE email me back (asap).

Chris Vannacore
A letter from : Gabriel, DJ with KDHX 88.1 FM radio in St. Louis, Missouri

Subject: RE THE HOLY CITY CD TO: TaliasVan I have begun to play (from the CD Holy City) "OH MY NIANN"and "WAKE UP AMERICA"

"Oh my Niann" is the best cut, I think; I play it twice during each show. This is the best CD I have heard (or LP too) in many a year. Although I am primarly a Blues and Oldies person, I enjoy superb good thinking. Is the CD Holy City on sale in St. Louis? If not, I will give listeners your website address. AND.....I am sure that you know as well as I that ....MUSIC IS THE KEY TO THE KINGDOM !!!

Gabriel KDHX FM RADIO ST. LOUIS, MO Catch the show when you can


KDHX DJ Gabriel
St. Louis, Missouri
Subject: Thank You TaliasVan!

Thanks so much for your CD titled: HOLY CITY which I received today. It is really wonderful indeed; it is a masterpiece and a great work. I so much appreciate it, TaliasVan. I am still enjoying it on my PC right now; the lyrics are wonderful and great. Continue the good work. I will keep it in our PRO-DEMOCRACY LIBRARY here in Nigeria. Thanks a million sir.

A. Adepelumi - A Coordinator, Movement for Liberation of Yorubaland
Respectfully to all on the Global Change Music team:

Thank you for the ultimate CD album [CosmoPop 2000] of TaliasVan which I received safe about a week ago. It will be airplayed as soon as I find time for it, which should be in approximately two weeks, maximum. Because the duration of the album is longer than 60 minutes, I plan to play it over two shows. I find very intersting things on the net about Aquarian Concepts. I will offer space for philosophies, too. I very much enjoy the new album, and I am sure that listeners will like it also. Soon I will write you again. That is all for now. Keep up your positive mind and works. Give my regards to TaliasVan.

Kindest regards,

Arthur Szabo
Dear TaliasVan,

Just listened to two minute-plus recordings of your music on the website, and I would llike to say it was inspiring and beautiful...and spiritually haunting. You and your choir and orchestra are to be congratulated on the production of such great music. I am very seriously considering ordering some tapes from you. Please let your groups' performers know how much enjoyment they are giving their fellow human beings with their music. I don't know if you composed the music...if you did, I personally feel you have genius and great talent. P.S. If I am out in the Sedona area...I would like to visit your fine community.

J.R. Rader
I am writing to let you know how much I have enjoyed my copy of Holy City...It goes from car, to house, to disc-man...werever I happen to be, and the melodies flow through my head even when it is not actually playing somewhere in my life...I especially enjoy Morning Song, Oh My Niánn, Holy City...the others are wonderful too...but those stand out as ones I hum in the shower! The lyrics are beutiful, powerful, and Divinely inspired...the melodies equally so...your band is very talented! I thank my friend, Pointea, for introducing me to you and your music. I thank you for making this music, and I am thankful that you are putting it out there for people to appreciate and, hopefully, change their ways of thinking as a result...God bless you and your ministry!

Yours in the Creator's love,

Heidi Garnan Larsen
I heard about you and your music on Radio Arad. I think your music is wonderful. I would like to know more about you and, if possible, to have some demo CDs of yours for listening.

Thank you very much,

Viorel Giurgiu
I thank our Creator for your voice. I thank our Creator for your gift of music--music that lifts my soul, opens my heart and mind circuits. I thank you for your bravery. I thank you for your music, awakening me to things I could not see. Your music touches my heart and soul. Our Creator created a most wonderful, beautiful, and courageous soul. With love,

New York, New York
TaliasVan sings my mind. When I listen his music down here in Brazil, I can clearly see the silver stream that links Sedona's heart to mine. It flows across dimensions.

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Hello TaliasVan and global music crew. I was recently introduced to your music from a shop owner in Laurel, Maryland, who had visited your home. She said you may wish to contact these folks and suggested I listen to your Holy City CD. I've been singing "Arizona's Calling Me" ever since.

There is no doubt the music is not meant to be in top 40 style, nor is TaliasVan's unique singing style on which is generally thought of as top 40 as well, but that was what I found so refreshing, in fact, so cutting edge about the's from the Heart/Spirit, etc. In my opinion that's the only way to produce music...I've been around music for much of my life. Perhps we could do something together in some way.

Peace and a good day.

Laurel, Maryland
I truly love your tracks, especially "Wish Angel Sandman"

Warm Regards,

Maggie Palmer