The Bright & Morning Star Band

A Band of Destiny

The souls that make up the Bright & Morning Star Band are bound by a common sense of destiny. They have gathered from around the world to become musical complements and lend their talents to TaliasVan, the master musician whose genius has inspired the Bright & Morning Star Band.


Lead Vocals & Acoustic Guitar

TaliasVan has been singing and making music since he was a boy. He writes songs from his own soul experience, expressing the agony and ecstasy of life. His visionary and genre-bending CosmoPop® music fuses his spiritual walk with his musical talents to create some of the planet's best higher-consciousness music. For a full timeline of TaliasVan's history as a musician, click here.



TiyiEndea is from Austin, Texas. In Austin, she was very active in the music scene, and is a record producer. Tiyiendea is also an artist and a midwife.


Background Vocals

Ausmaminae is from Australia. She was also involved with New Age and Native American spirituality. Ausmaminae is also an artist and produces works expressing Continuing Fifth Epochal Revelation concepts and ideals.


Background Vocals


Background Vocals


Keyboard & Electric Guitar

Al Jah De

Electric Guitar



DaMeAn was born and raised in New York City. In his search for expanded truths he has traveled extensively--including numerous times to Israel, throughout Europe, to Argentia, Africa, and Turkey. DaMeean has a B.A. degree in English from Duke University.




Flutes, Bagpipes & Sax

Sharu grew up in California. He had been a URANTIA Book reader for many years. Sharu has a B.A. in biology from the University of California, Santa Cruz. He is a talented musician of several instruments including the flute, sax, and uilleann pipes.



Fane is from Minnesota. Besides being an experienced musician, he also has 30 years experience as a television producer and director. He has two A.A. degrees from the Milwaukee Technical College—one in Television and Production, the other in Computer Programming.




Bass, Pennywhistle

Kazarian was raised in Washington State where his upbringing was with The URANTIA Book through his father who was an avid reader. He then explored the New Age. Before joining the band, he was disenchanted with all religious organizations. Kazarian is also a stage actor with Global Change Theater Company and works in the film medium as well.


Drums & Percussion

Asai was born in the United States, but lived as a teenager in Germany before moving to Boston. He was a practicing Zen Buddhist and still adheres to the truths that are in Buddhism. He also studied other forms of Buddhism, as well as Taoism, Chinese martial arts, and Sufism. Asai also reads and writes Chinese.